About Us

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Our Story

Named for my two kiddos, Emilee and Ethan, E² Scents started when I began making freshies in my home in Adkins, Texas for friends and family. My products lasted much longer than other brands which led to more orders and things really took off from there. 

In early 2020, as the news about Covid-19 broke, I decided to over stock on supplies so I could continue to provide for my customers. It paid off when many suppliers shut down and I was able to sell my extras to other freshie makers. People were still making Freshies and so E² Scents Supplies was born! 

As the business grew, my mom, Katy, found herself helping package orders to keep up with the high demand. She now runs the packaging room as a well oiled machine. I've found a passion in the wholesale side of the industry and am so happy to see my customers creating the most gorgeous and long-lasting freshies out there! 

Much love, 

Jennifer Brown 

How We're Different

We pride ourselves on premium air freshener supplies to help you create the very best Freshies for your customers. Our E² Scents brand micas are vibrant pigments with many colors to choose from. We have metallic, neon, glow and more to give you so many creative options. The premium aroma beads we offer come in almost 200 scents with a  8:2.5 ratio to give you the most bang for your buck. Check our variety of accessories to help complete your Freshie creations.

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